I offer ecological garden design, horticultural consultation, plant procurement and hands-on teaching of appropriate methods for gardeners and gardens in the San Juan Islands and others in or near the Salish Sea of the Pacific Northwest.   My approach is native and natural, low-water use, organic, conscious and harmonious approach to living with and caring for plants and other beings with whom we share this beautiful land. I believe that gardening and gardeners can have significant positive influence on the myriad stresses upon our earth and her family of living creatures.

I have been creating gardens, helping others in their own gardens and learning and sharing about plants since 1989 ; most of those years in the San Juan Islands though my formative time was in an old garden in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. While I have formal horticultural training I have found my greatest learning has come from working along side more learned and elder gardeners and the plants and gardens themselves. I learn something in every garden and from every gardener I meet. I bring to my life's work an interest in plants that extends far beyond the confines of a particular ecosystem; what matters to me is that a plant can not only survive where it finds itself but thrive within a plant, human and animal community.