coming soon Summer 2018.... Plants for Sale!

Nursery revival.  This summer, with my friend and colleague Elaine,  I'm returning to growing and selling some perennials and below is a list of what I expect to be offering sometime in June and beyond. You'll see this list is short but heavy in  Scrophulariacea and Lamiaceae; the families I am most drawn to. 

Available starting June 2018:

Digitalis lanata 'Cafe Creme'

Digitalis ferruginea 'Yellow Herald', D. ferruginea var. gigantea and D. f. straight species

Digitalis ambigua

Digitalis trojana

Verbascum phoeniceum 'Violetta'

Verbascum phlomoides 'Spica'

Verbascum chaixii '16 candles'

Verbascum chaixii album

Salvia nutans

Salvia hians

Salvia jurisicii

Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica

Thalictrum delaveyi

very few Lepechinia chamaedryoides and Lotus formosissimus

and a collection of scabiosa: 

S. atro. 'Fata Morgana', S. atro. 'Summer Fruits', S. caucasicum "Perfection Blue' and 'Perfection White'. 


Available later in summer 2018:

Glaucium flavum

Glaucium flavum var. aurantiacum

Digitalis laevigata

Digitalis lutea

Digitalis obscura ‘Sunset'

Digitalis parviflora

Digitalis purpurea ssp. heywoodii

Digitalis thapsi ‘Spanish Peaks’

Verbascum bombyciferum

Verbascum chaixii f. album 'Wedding Candles’

Verbascum roripifolium

Calycanthus occidentalis


Available next year:

Geranium macrorrhizum

Phlomis purpurea

Helleborus, 'Miss Jekyll's Scented’

Iris Pacific Coast Hybrids

Patrinia scabiosifolia

Cephalaria alpina    ......among others...



We'll be growing with OMRI certified potting medium and fertilizers and offering the plants in fiber pots with wooden plant labels. NO PLASTIC.  

stay tuned for additions and email for picture and descriptions.